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We know a lot about Eliza Hallworth from the National Census, and we know that her marriage certificate confirms her maiden name was Hammond. Does anyone out there recognise her? Perhaps you’d be kind and post a comment to let me know?

By the way, if you've just read the post 'John Hallworth', then you already know about Eliza Hallworth - I have simply rewritten it here; this is a condensed version!
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I infer from census entries that Eliza was born around 1832. I know that she was born in or around Bow Brickhill, Bucks – although other census entries transcribe her birthplace as ‘Buckhill, Bucks’ etc. I know that (in 1860) Eliza married John Hallworth (born ~1836 in Toddington/Ampthill, Beds) and had 7 children. Her husband John was a Farmer & Miller (his father had been a baker and became a farmer).

In the census of 1841: A possibility is in this family: Robert Hammond, (50); Farmer of Galley Lane (?), Great Brickhill, & wife Ann (45), children Thomas (20), Betsey, Mary, Eliza (10), Ann and Charles (6).

In the census of 1851: there are several Elizas who may be her, but only one Hammond!
  • Eliza Hammond (19) born 1832, Bow Brickhill, daughter of Farmer Robert & Ann Hammond in Grt Brickhill.

Marriage Certificate

We know from the 1860 marriage index (Free BMD) that an Eliza Hammond married a John Hallworth in the Newport Pagnell district, in April -June 1860. N. Pagnell is near Milton Keynes, not so far from both Bow Brickhill & Ampthill.

In the census of 1861 our Eliza has married John Hallworth and taken his name. They are found in Little Mill House, Ampthill. They have a baby son Robert (born 1861), and a live-in Nurse Maid. The Mill employs 2 men. They go on to have some more children – Eliza (1863), Charles (1864), {Not seen any references to Little Mill House elsewhere, but perhaps it is part of the Little Park? There is also a Doo-little Mill, Steppingley Rd, Ampthill - perhaps a windmill, and now a business park.}

They moved from there to Grange Mill, Heath & Reach, near Leighton Buzzard, South Beds (1871 census) where they had the following children. I think they may have had a child named Jessie (1866). Certainly they had a son William (1868), John (1870) and daughter Mary (1873) whilst living at Heath & Reach. Presumably moved there to be nearer to Eliza's family (her sister Ann Hammond was living at the Mill at the time of the census in 1871). More on the Grange Mill, on the mills page.

From there they move to Folly Farm, Wokingham {near Reading}, Berkshire, England (a neighbour of the Dauberrey family (retired Military) at Folly Court {more on this here}). In the 1881 census John is described as a Farmer (out of business) and all of the adult children living at home are also not ascribed any occupations. A further child, Phillip, was born in Swallowfield, Berks (near Reading) in 1875. I think he was the youngest.

Finally they settled in Southlake St., Cookham (near Wokingham). In the 1891 and 1901 census, we find they are running(?) the Bakery & Grocer’s shop. Their son Robert continues to live with them – he is now employed in the business. Son William also lives there (a groom), as does youngest daughter Mary.
As for Eliza Junior, John & Phillip – I don’t know where they went. Their son Charles (born 1864) moves to Chepstow to be a Coachman, and then marries a Londoner, Kate. Charles & Kate Hallworth settle in Sockburn, on the Durham/Yorks border.

Peter tells us that her husband John Hallworth (born 1836) died in 1904, Maidenhead.

In the 1911 Census, Eliza Hallworth (79, widowed) is living with her daughter Mary (unmarried, aged 38) - at 37, Barkham Rd., Wokingham.  She made a mistake when she filled in the form, and entered helpful extra details about her marriage to John. (As she was a widow, these details were not required and so the enumerator struck them out.)

She tells us she was married for 51 years, and had 8 children, though one had died.  This was news to me at the time! (Since then, I'm thinking it must be Jessie was their child - she was living with her grandmother in 1871 & 1881.  But who died before 1911?)

It seems likely that this Eliza is the lady who died in 1916, aged 84, in the Easthampstead district of Berkshire.
Their children who stayed at home are possibly these folks from the index of death certificates:
Robert P. Hallworth died in 1916, aged 55 in the Maidenhead district. {We know he was born in 1861.}
William Hallworth died in 1929, aged 59, in Ampthill. {We know he was born in 1869.}
Mary Hallworth died in 1951, aged 79, in the Wokingham district. {We know she was born in 1873.}
Eliza Hallworth junior born 1863 - perhaps she married, or died outside the area. Or perhaps she was the Elizabeth R. Hallworth who died at Ampthill in 1969, aged 91?
Youngest child Phillip Hallworth possibly is the gent who died in Easthampstead, in 1917 (aged 43 - fits as we know he was born in 1875).

The Hammond family
I posted a link earlier to the excellent village website well, Sue from that site did me a great favour by looking up the Hammonds in the parish registers. There were lots of Hammonds, but she may well have found 3 generations in one hop here:
8 October 1831, baptism of Eliza Hammond (daughter of Robert & Ann) -I think that's your Eliza.
Then there's a Robert Hammond, baptised 10 March 1791 (son of George and Ann)
And I've got a George Hammond, baptised 8 February 1756 (son of John & Sarah)

Great, Sue - thanks for not resisting!!
Jane N told me about her family - listed on - they are the Cleavers, and a Catherine Hammond married into the family.
"The only thing I can say for sure is that either her father or brother was George Hammond, as he was the witness at her marriage to John Cleaver." She believes that Catherine Cleaver nee Hammond was buried in January 1791 with her new-born daughter Catherine.
It seems that this Catherine in Janes' family tree was a younger sister of George Hammond. He married a lass called Ann, and their children include our Robert (born 1791), also perhaps Ann and Penelope (born in 1788 and 1792 respectively).

This is all in the Bow Brickhill area, and needs confirmation. Grateful thanks to Jane for sharing her info and helping me to puzzle it out!


If anyone out there has any stories, photos, clues or even corrections about Eliza – I’d be very chuffed to hear from you!

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